ELESGO Flooring - German Made

Now days it is hard to find quality buidling materials - especially for interior design. Most of the flooring material that comes to the US is from China and when I learned about Elesgo Flooring and Laminate I was curious to take a look at their product. Since, they claimed that there product is 100% German Made and don't have harmful chemicals when walking on them bare feet. I went to their website www.elesgo.us and clicked locate a store, and when to the nearest store in Beverly Hills. I was very impressed Elesgo laminates were truly unique in their color and texture selection. They had glossy finish which looked very nice, something that we have not seen anywhere. The textures were either solid black, white, red, grey and pruple or wood or metallic textures. They also had matte finished laminates. I also learned that there product is 48 hours water resistent.