Cast Stone, GFRC and Precast Concrete Products Installation


Los Angeles Cast Stone Installation

Cast stone, GFRC and precast concrete installation projects are regularly undertaken in Los Angeles. Cast stone in Los Angeles County is very popular among many homeowners, developers and investors. Therefore, precise installation is as crucial as the quality of cast stone, GFRC and precast concrete. Installation of cast stone products usually starts 10-14 days after the curing process; it is very important to let cast stone products, GFRC or architectural precast concrete cure before the installations starts.

We have dedicated and experienced cast stone products installers in Los Angeles who provide quality cast stone installation services. Our installers also provide an option to apply water repellent sealers that provide extra protection for cast stone products. There are two types of sealers that we use on cast stone, GFRC and architectural precast products – natural look and shiny. The natural look does not change the texture of the cast stone product and the shiny finish adds shine to it. In our project portfolio customers usually like the shiny look, but again tastes differ.


We have provided installation services for a big variety of customers. We can install any cast stone product: cast stone mantels, cast stone fireplaces, cast stone balustrades, cast stone columns, cast stone statues, cast stone fountains, cast stone urns, cast stone planters, cast stone window trims, cast stone window sills, cast stone crown moldings and much more!

Below you can find few pictures of before and after cast stone projects in Los Angeles County or in different cities. You can really notice the architectural beauty cast stone distinguishes itself and gives beautiful facelift to your property.