Project with architectural cast stone products in California

ASLA Main Office – Cast Stone Glendale California

Mix-use complex located in Glendale was completed in 2009. This project is unique as it has a lot of custom precast and architectural cast stone products. If you look at the building, you can see three different types of precast crown moldings. The precast crown moldings are in three different sizes – the largest one is 36″ in height, the medium is 24″ and the small one is 18″. The building also has precast  balustrades in the second floor. The precast balustrades with base and top railing have total height of 42″. The entire front elevation has custom precast veneer panels, and complex radius precast arch. Under the crown moldings, there are large 3′ by 4′  precast medallions. The windows have precast moldings and precast window sills.