GFRC Panels and Cast Stone Products for Williams-Sonoma Store

GFRC Panels by Los Angeles Cast Stone – Williams-Sonoma Store

Custom GFRC and Cast Stone Products for Willaims-Sonoma at The Mall of San Juan

Los Angeles Cast Stone and Precast Products is proud to be the vendor to provide GFRC panels, window trims and crown moldings for Williams-Sonoma store at The Mall of San Juan. This project was unique in the sense that it was our first project in San Juan, Puerto Rico. The manufacturing took about five weeks, since the GFRC panels required 12 days of curing before we could pack and ship the products. We hired special packing and crating company, who meticulously packed each individual piece and crated them in wooden crates.

The project included GFRC veneer panels, GFRC window casings and trim and GFRC crown molding. The GFRC panels are 12″x24″ and have high sheen finish. The finish is exclusive and is only developed by Los Angeles Cast Stone. The GFRC products had special custom color developed only for Willaims-Sonoma stores.

Los Angeles Cast Stone and Precast Products spares no effort to satisfy its clients, provide exceptional service – from blue prints analyzing, product development, sample development, color selection, shop drawings, fabrication, shipping and installation. We use highest quality material to develop GFRC, GFRG, cast stone and precast products.