Millard Place | Precast Veneer Panels Design

Millard Place – Los Angeles Precast and Cast Stone Project

Millard Place

One of our signature project located in Los Angeles County, California. This precast or cast stone veneer panel design compliments the modern architectural design of the building and creates beautiful contrast between the elegant natural wood panels.

The precast veneer tiles covered approximately 2000 sq. ft.. The project included a multi-residential project and single unit luxury house. It is located in Los Angeles, Altadena neighborhood. The architect created an elegant and modern design that beautifies the neighborhood. The precast for the multi-residential building covered the front right corner, with a special sealer it has a high sheen finish. The texture of the precast is called travertine finish. We achieve this finish by using different colors and special precast fabrication technique. Smooth travertine precast finish is a beautiful and elegant finish.

The single-residential house includes same precast veneer tiles. The peachy color compliment the white stucco color and gives the building simple, yet modern and exquisite look. Unlike, the mulit-residential project next door, the single-residential house has a precast fireplace. The precast fireplace’s color is white, with high sheen finish and has sharp 90 degree angles. The precast fireplace beatifies the living room and creates cozy environment for the residents and its guests.